Transect Urbanism – Readings in Human Ecology

The Rural-to-Urban Transect is a unifying theory, which serves as a framework for the various disparate fields designing and preserving thriving communities. This book compiles the principal essays, diagrams, and images on the subject. It includes historical, practical, and theoretical insights.

In addition to identifying previously published essays, the editors commissioned preeminent academics and professionals to write on the use of the Transect in their areas of expertise, including retail, zoning, thoroughfare design, environmental sustainability, and philosophy. 

“Conventional suburbia can be slowly transformed, at least in part, through “sprawl repair.” Urban designer and author Galina Tachieva relates sprawl repair to other transformations of the built environment over time, from villages to city neighborhoods, and from walled European cities to the cities of today. Sequence images show how Transects can emerge and evolve over time. In that way, the theory can help to transform badly designed single-use sprawl into Transect zones with specific character.”

CNU Public Square

Edited by Andres Duany, DPZ CoDESIGN Founding Partner, and Brian Falk, Director of the Center for Applied Transect Studies, the book features more than a dozen contributors including: Galina Tachieva, Charles C. Bohl, David Brain, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Emily Talen, Bruce Donnelly, Sandy Sorlien, Daniel K. Slone, Seth Harry, Sidney Brower, Philip Bess, and Andres Duany.

The book is available to order on Amazon, Books and Books, and ORO Editions